Do you provide care to an aged parent, family member or friend whilst working?

Caregiving can have both negative and positive impacts on our lives. More research is needed in order to facilitate support initiatives to assist caregivers with their responsibilities.

Research is being conducted by University of Queensland PhD Researchers into how caring for elders with physical (frailty) or mental disability impacts on carers ability to manage their job roles at work and home, and this can affect health and wellbeing.

If you provide care to an older relative or friend who requires assistance with their daily living, please register your interest with contact information to partake in this study. In accordance with University and research policy, all participants will be ensured confidentiality and anonymity at all stages of the study.

Your participation is requested for an online questionnaire (duration approximately 40 minutes) with a follow-up questionnaire after another 6 months. You are also requested to provide an email contact for a supervisor or colleague who can provide information on your behaviour at work at both time points. This will take the form of a short (10 minute) online survey which will be both anonymous and confidential.

Thank you very much for your assistance!

Claire Greaves, PhD Candidate.